ARTinCC is committed to not use any of your personal information as part of any marketing or advertising campaign. Upon request, your financial donations can be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law (an exception is for top end principal funders who must be disclosed on a nonprofit’s IRS Form 990). Also, when you volunteer your time and/or equipment, and it counts as a match for a DCNR or other grant, ARTinCC must disclose what you did, where and when as part of contract audits.

If you donate through PayPal, we actually do not receive your credit card information. The only thing we receive from PayPal is your donation amount and the contact information attached to it (which becomes part of your membership record). For more information, visit PayPal Privacy Statement

Donations (recurring or one-time) are processed by Donorbox, who promises to collect only anonymous information that is used to enhance their platform. They never sell or use your personal identifiable information. See above for information about how ARTinCC handles donor information. For more information, read the Donorbox Privacy Policy

We also accept donations made through the United Way. For more information, visit United Way Privacy Policy

We track website usage history via Google Analytics. For more information, visit Google Analytics Privacy Policy