Current Trail Map

Click the button to view the current ARTinCC Map. The map by Beran Environmental Services shows the extent of the trail from Emlenton to Foxburg. The maps are overlays of aerial photography, topo contours at 2′ intervals, the former railroad corridor, 100 year flood contour and the rough Assessor’s Office plat map (which is not based on actual surveys).

The Beran map displays the 66’ wide trail corridor with a dotted red line. The blue maps are the 1918 ICC Railroad Valuation Maps which document the nature and location of the former PRR railroad corridor. If you blow up a section of the trail corridor on your computer, you can see the challenges involved in squeezing a bike trail, dirt and gravel road for landowners, and adequate stormwater management, in often tight spaces. All stormwater piping is displayed, which in many cases is clogged and will have to be replaced, if not possible to blow out obstructions.

Existing Conditions

The entire 3+ miles from Emlenton to Foxburg is undeveloped, and may contain hazards, particularly to children. We ask that everyone stay off of the trail corridor until we have the opportunity to design and implement improvements, as well as secure the permission from all landowners to proceed. This website contains photos not only of the immediate area of the trail, but also within the vicinity. We have no finished trail about which we have great pride, only fabulous views of woods and river. Photos of trail in the vicinity give you a good idea of some of the splendors of the area, which we hope to soon display from Emlenton to Foxburg. Photos and recommendations of trail improvements below are based on existing conditions viewed February 2021. Click on images to enlarge.