Progress Report Nov 8, 2023

Our ARTinCC core group of volunteers showed up yesterday to complete a task we have been dreading! A deep ravine right through the trail and parking lot had overgrown with trees and brush for the last 40 years. When the Foxburg bridge was built tons of concrete debris were dumped over the trail. The ravine was left to carry storm water from the areas above the trail. ARTinCC needed to install a new drainage pipe to extend the existing pipe down to the riverbank. Our crew cut all the brush and trees smaller than 6 inches and dragged them all into piles for eventual burning. Some of the trees in the ravine were 16 inches diameter and 75 feet tall. Carl Wolf had 5 trailers moved so the the trees would not fall on them. The footing in the ravine was quite dangerous so everyone was extremely cautious. Many thanks to our great work crew, Mel Risinger, Lisa Myers, Josh Wallin, Vickie Persic, TIna Prokay, Eric Feicht and me, the photographer, not in the photo. We all enjoyed our fill from Foxburg Pizza after the job well done. We left the large trees for our sawyers, Ed Scurry and Gary Rhoades to fell and cut into firewood next Monday. We will need another crew next Tues to stack the wood along Railroad St for pickup by anyone who needs firewood. You can get in on the action by showing up on Tues Nov 14 at 10:00 am. Maybe even take some firewood home with you.

Please consider volunteering work or materials. All donations and members are welcome.
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Published On: November 9, 2023Categories: Event

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