Progress Report 06/29/2024

Significant progress has been made on the north end of the ARTinCC at Emlenton. Allegheny Valley Trails has completed a refurbishing of the Ritchey Run bridge and created a parking area and ADA compliant ramp from River Rd up to the trail. The bridge work is amazing! Kukurin Contracting actually lowered and widened the trail surface over the bridge. ARTinCC now has outright ownership of the first parcel across the bridge, extending 700’ to the south. We will be organizing volunteers to cut the trees into firewood and clear the brush along that stretch soon. (Watch for an announcement). The base is in such good condition that it will be quite simple and inexpensive to actually complete this 700’ section of trail and parallel access road when the time is right.

On the Foxburg end we are still waiting for our NPDES Permit to begin moving earth and finishing the first mile of trail. We have cleared out trees in the path of the new launch ramp but must wait to shape the ground. In the meantime, we have applied for several small grants and one major grant to fund the trailhead, park and new launch ramp. Waiting for permits and funding takes a great deal of the time needed to build trails. Does anyone know a billionaire who loves trails and would cover the entire project? Learn more about ARTinCC and our plans for the trail and Community Park here on our website.

If you would like to become a VOLUNTEER you can do so here:

You will be added to our database and notified of workdays and progress. The next workday is scheduled for Tuesday July 2 at 9:00am at the Emlenton trailhead. Be there and sign up!

If you are not able to volunteer, but would like to see this trail completed, you can DONATE here:

We are really looking forward to having this beautiful section along our scenic waterway open for us to come and go between Emlenton and Foxburg. Once completed, the connection all the way to Oil City will be open. And we are already open from Foxburg to Parker. The trail south of Foxburg extends a little beyond Parker where there is an additional 6 mile gap to Upper Hillville. We plan to close this gap after we have the Emlenton-Foxburg link underway.

We welcome volunteers who are interested in working that section of the trail too. Once that gap is closed, there will be open trail all the way along the edge of Clarion County to the Armstrong Trail, Redbank Valley Trial, to Ford City, Freeport and Butler. And, of course, other trail groups are working on the additional sections that will eventually complete the entire 270 mile stretch from Erie to Pittsburgh. Can you imagine, biking from Erie to Pittsburgh and on to Washington DC!
Please consider volunteering work or materials. All donations and members are welcome.
Our Facebook GROUP has connections to other trail groups, trail users and friends. It is a friendly place to meet, to share experiences and photos along the trails.
Our Facebook PAGE is designed specifically to inform followers about our current projects, progress and immediate needs and to provide information and links to our website for volunteers, membership, sponsorship and donations. We encourage you to take a few minutes to check us out. If you like what you see, get involved. Volunteer. Donate. Become a member. Become a Sponsor. Welcome everyone! Let’s do this!

Published On: June 29, 2024Categories: General Update

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