April 16, 2024 Cleanup after the 500 year deluge!

The 500 year rain event last weekend brought debris down the hillside into our drainage ditch beside the trail. It was amazing how much of it made it to the cross pipes. On the north end of the 1st mile, there was very little debris but the pipes in the middle were covered over with sticks, leaves and mud. Fortunately all were still draining. Thanks to professional trail-builder, Ron Steffey, for guiding us in techniques for protecting the inlets from blockage. Many thanks to our 6 person volunteer crew that cleared all the debris. Myself, Tina Prokay, Norma Baum, Lisa Myers, Erica Feicht and Gary Rhoades all spent time down in the trenches pulling debris out, loading tubs and dumping it away from the trench. Thank you for your herculean efforts! And thanks to Lisa Myers for the photos! I really believe that normal rains in the near future will have very little effect as most of the debris has already been washed down and removed. These photos show some pipes before and after our workday.

Major earthmoving for the trail and park is on hold while we wait for NPDES Permitting. In the meantime, we are busy fundraising, looking for donors and grants. Stay tuned! Let us know how you can help at artincc.org

Please consider volunteering work or materials. All donations and members are welcome.
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