ARTinCC would like to schedule our second work day on Sat Nov 6, 10:00 am. As of now, it appears that the weather will cooperate. The plan for the day would be to work from the area cleared on our first workday to the edge of Shoup Trucking parking area clearing brush and dragging it to pies for processing. Watch the first workday video here:

We will inspect the grounds for large rocks, concrete, and metal debris which may present hazards to brush hog and tree removal machinery. Whatever debris can be moved easily will be dragged to open areas for pickup being careful not to obstruct free flow of traffic through the area. Debris that can’t be easily moved will be marked with high visibility paint for pickup later.

Just as an aside, walkers along this stretch have reported poison ivy, so be prepared for that! If you can get away for a while on Nov 6 join us any time. We plan to meet at 10:00 am in the grassy area at the trailhead. Work as long as you can, come and go as you please. Please bring your weed whackers, shears and personal safety equipment. Due to liability issues, we must limit chainsaw use to ARTinCC Board and committee member OSHA certified users only. Please have all necessary safety equipment also. We realized at the first workday that clearing without chainsaws would be extremely difficult.

Looking ahead to our next work days, we need some preliminary evaluations which we can do now. We need someone to inventory the trees planned for removal so that we can present that inventory to a tree removal enterprise. If you are in that business, or know someone who is, we would be interested in a discussion. There is an old warehouse next to the bridge which needs to be removed. If you, or someone you know is interested in salvaging metal siding and, what appears to be, large beams and planks, let’s have that discussion.

If you arrive after 10:30 we will probably already be working. Find one of our construction committee and we will find some work for you. The construction committee members who may be present are: Doug Bell, Vern Kern, Stacy Ginkel and Denny Keyes. Our president, Bob Jennings will likely be present also. Watch for an announcement of a rain date.

VERY IMPORTANT – Please keep track of your hours. Inform one of the committee members your name and how many hours you worked. Volunteer hours are counted as part of our contribution to matching fund grants. In addition to the work you provide, your labor will help us get funding to pay for services that volunteers cannot provide. After more than 15 years of efforts, we are finally getting this trail underway. It will take time, but eventually, we will link Emlenton to Foxburg and Parker. Plans are already developing to link Parker to Upper Hillville and the Armstrong Trail coming through the Brady Tunnel. Let’s all do this together !


Published On: October 29, 2021Categories: Event

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