In early Jan 202 we had a few last minute and unscheduled workdays at the Foxburg Bridge Trailhead. As you can see we have made a lot of progress in just the last few months.

Many thanks to Jim Marron and Vernon Kern for moving the chipped branches off the trail. Vernon and Denny Keyes cut a few more of the smaller trees. Doug Bell, Bob Jennings and Bryan Koehler did an evaluation of the plan for moving the earth covering the trail at the Shoup site with Carl Wolf. Adam Terwilliger’s crew and Davey Tree’s crew did all the chipping to date. Thank you “Chippers”! We are ready to pull stumps along the river (west) side of the trail. The first photo shows the trail north of the boat launch ramp on Jan 14, 2022. The stumps are all marked with florescent yellow paint. The second photo is the same scene Nov 2021 and the final photo is the same scene in Dec 2018. We are moving on! Come join us! We are preparing our grant application due in April for a major DCNR grant. VOLUNTEER DONATE LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR VISION

Published On: January 16, 2022Categories: Event

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