Another productive workday for the ARTinCC volunteers

On Thursday, April 27 some of the ARTinCC chainsaw crew, Doug Bell, Vern Kern, Charlie Platt and Dennis Keyes were joined by Ed Scurry from the North Country Trail. We cut all remaining brush along Railroad St south of the Shoup trucking business and burned a few more piles of brush and vines. We also cut up logs north of Shoup which had been felled by Ken Wilkinson’s crew. One more day of cutting should finish the entire first mile. Then we will call for volunteers to move all of the firewood to stacks along Railroad St south of Shoup for distribution to anyone who needs firewood. Watch for an announcement calling for volunteers. These photos show a few of our volunteers and some of the stacks and burn piles. Also note all of the stumps which we need to pull or grind down below ground. If you can help, let us know via our contact form or through a facebook message.

Published On: April 30, 2022Categories: Uncategorized

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