Call for Volunteers

Thanks to all our great volunteers we have helped clean up over the first mile of trail. This coming week we will have several opportunities for various tasks. Trees north of Shoup are stacked as piles of 10ft long logs, most of which have been cut to firewood and are ready to move south along Railroad St for pickup by those in need of firewood. The ARTinCC saw crew will cut the remainder into firewood. We have made arrangements to lay the silt sock erosion control this week so that we may begin pulling stumps and sculpting the land. And we have an excavator scheduled to remove stumps along the wall near the old warehouse.

Here are the tasks scheduled, subject to change at the convenience of the volunteers donating their machinery.

Mon May 9 – Help needed to aid the backhoe operator removing stumps close to the wall. Several stumps may be too large to pull and will be exposed below ground for cutting off with chainsaws. We may need help cleaning some of the dirt around the stumps that the backhoe leaves behind. We will drag the extracted roots to the east side of the trail so that the silt sock can be laid close to the wall. It is possible that the operator of the backhoe may need to reschedule last minute for Tues or even Wed

Wed May 11 – Bob Beran will bring the silt sock and begin laying it along the west side of the trail. We will need help staking down the silt sock at specified intervals.

Mon – Fri. Any of the chain saw crew not busy extracting roots can cut up the remaining logs north of Shoup. All general volunteers are requested to help load pickup trucks with firewood collected north of Soup and haul it south to stack along the road. Pickup trucks will be appreciated and a tractor with front end loader will make the loading of the trucks much easier than loading by hand.

As things develop and times are set or change I will do my best keep you all updated.

It has been amazing and rewarding to see so many dedicated volunteers working together to get this trail progressing. Does anyone know of a larger earth mover/dozer that may be sitting around just waiting to help us?

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