We finally got a great workday coordinated with Volunteers from Central Electric Co-op.

ARTinCC had a very productive workday with 10 of our own volunteers, 2 of whom are also CEC employees, Laura Prosser who coordinated the workday for CEC and Joshua Wallin. CEC loaned us eleven volunteers including their safety Officer, Dylan Linke. Art Steffee’s machine operators, Bill and Jake Fair also came with a huge grapple and loaded logs into a dump truck. Bill and Jake previously pulled stumps from the east side of the first mile of the trail. ARTinCC volunteers were: Dennis Keyes, Mel Risinger, Jackson Shoup, Toni and Marty Henry, and Rob Reed. Dave Galbreath and Gary Rhoades, North Country Trail volunteers also gave us a day. All remaining logs and firewood north of Shoup Trucking were moved to the edge of Railroad St and some was taken home by the volunteers. The photos show the tremendous amount of firewood we hauled and stacked for those in need. Many thanks to all those who made this a very productive day for ARTinCC.

We will begin planning our next workday, pulling additional stumps and laying the erosion control silt sock the remainder of the first mile.

Please consider volunteering work or materials. All donations and members are welcome.
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Published On: June 28, 2022Categories: Uncategorized

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