New Board Members announced for ARTinCC

ARTinCC wishes to congratulate all the new Board members of the Allegheny River Trail in Clarion County. Each of you brings unique, relevant experience and expertise to ARTinCC. You all have demonstrated your enthusiasm in accomplishing the goals of ARTinCC. Each of you has consistently shown up to get down and do the hard work. We noticed! We welcome you as new board members and look forward to working with you to move the bike trail and park projects forward. We will soon be scheduling a meeting, whether in person or online, to discuss how your individual skills can be best utilized in our next phase. We have taken a much needed break from the manual labor to regroup, assess our present needs and begin coordinating our plan of action with the grant administrators. Here are the new and existing Board Members of ARTinCC.

New Board Members:

John Soroka [email protected]

Bob Beran [email protected]

Heath Neely [email protected]

Jackson Shoup [email protected]

Ed Scurry [email protected]

Tina Prokay [email protected]

Lisa Myers [email protected]

Existing Board Members:

Bob Jennings (President) [email protected]

Judy Lentz (Secretary) [email protected]

Ann Marron [email protected]

Vern Kern [email protected]

Dennis Keyes [email protected]

Please consider volunteering work or materials. All donations and members are welcome.
Our Facebook GROUP has connections to other trail groups, trail users and friends. It is a friendly place to meet, to share experiences and photos along the trails.
Our Facebook PAGE is designed specifically to inform followers about our current projects, progress and immediate needs and to provide information and links to our website for volunteers, membership, sponsorship and donations. We encourage you to take a few minutes to check us out. If you like what you see, get involved. Volunteer. Donate. Become a member. Become a Sponsor. Welcome everyone! Let’s do this!

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