Next Steps

Now that both the Shoup Settlement and the Hunt parcel acquisition have secured 1.0 miles of right of way for trail development, ARTinC is focusing on developing this stretch.  The Board of Directors is being enlarged to better manage increased activity.  A Membership Drive is gearing up to raise funds to support construction activities, and demonstrate to foundation, corporate, and agency funders that ARTinC enjoys broad-based community support.

            Now that 1.0 miles of land is under ARTinC’s control, applications are being prepared to gain whatever federal, state and local agency permits may be required to allow development of the trail.  Since the trail is directly along the Allegheny River, considerable research, study and applications may be needed to protect the water supply provided by the river, as well as flora and fauna possibly impacted by construction activities.  At the same time, efforts are underway to try to obtain as many additional agreements with remaining landowners as may be feasible, once issues concerning title history and ownership have been fully researched and resolved.  It is hoped that remaining landowners will follow the language and example set by the Shoup Agreement.

An overview of what remains to be done can be found in an extract from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) Report on the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail.