We had an excellent day with our volunteers. We got some major cleanup finished.

Thursday Sep 29 twelve ARTinCC volunteers completed a very productive workday. Our goals were to completely clean up the area below the wall at the trailhead, burn the brush collected at the edge of the bridge, pick up small branches along the lower level so it can be mowed, smooth some of the trail north of Shoup Trucking and photograph inside the plugged drainage pipes under the trail. We accomplished all of the goals! Many thanks to our great group who were joined by two new volunteers today. The skies threatened all morning but did not interrupt the work. We took a lunch break at Foxburg Pizza and went back out to a deluge of rain. A few of us waited it out and went back up north for photos of the pipes and to smooth out more of the trailsides. Many thanks to our volunteers today. Check out our facebook pages for more photos and many by Charlie Platt.

We are still looking for information regarding removing obstructions from the drain pipes. We have calls in to some contractors who believe they can do the job on the three pipes we were able to locate. There are still 5 pipes we could not find and when we begin work on the final 2 miles of trail, there may be as many as 40 more. This will be a very labor intensive operation or very expensive to retain contractors. We may find it more cost effective to install new pipes at a shallower depth. If any of our followers and friends out there know of anyone who can guide or assist us in this matter, we are all ears! We may schedule one more workday to further improve the trail north of Shoup Trucking before our “Thank You” party for our volunteers and supporters. If you want in on the celebration, submit a volunteer form and give us a hand.

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